Online Yoga Membership

Is having an online yoga membership a good thing? Can it work? In my own opinion, yes and yes! I only have my own experience to speak from, but my journey with teaching yoga has taken many directions, large and small, and I am happy to say creating an online yoga membership has been the best thing I have done so far!

Back when I began teaching Yoga, I would flit around here and their teaching all over the place: mainly gyms, tired and hungry most of the time. I then explored the opportunity of creating a beautiful yoga studio! And what a lovely place it evolved to be: but being tied to a business and a place was not something I wanted long term. When releasing the studio with a sad heart, it was the right time: I ventured back into the world of Yoga with new ideas and plans.

2020 was a change for many of us, and moving my yoga online was a great experience! I embraced it, and I love it! But let me be honest with you, completely real! The class you teach online, whether zoom or youtube, doesn’t have the energy you get in a physical class; it’s slow to build and sometimes painful and disheartening, but you save on time and get more done. You don’t have to travel; your kitchen is nearby if you are hungry, you can explore other creative ideas and have time to do other things!

I already had a few videos up on youtube: a YouTube channel I started seven years previously: but not with commitment to much regret now! But with the YouTube platform I created an online Yoga challenge (this one is my second challenge) that I wanted to do to support people during the pandemic: when it was coming to an end, I was racking my brains, how can I continue teaching my beautiful students!? My online yoga membership was born!

Online Yoga Membership

With the online yoga membership I get to teach my beautiful yoga students from the comfort of their homes! I tried different platforms, zoom and YouTube! It was such an exciting time to explore these options and make many mistakes along the way haha.

Currently, I am switching to a brand new platform. This platform will have everything all in one place: my LIVE online yoga classes, pre-record yoga classes, and on-demand classes available for unlimited access!

7 Day Free Online Yoga Pass with me!

If you would be interested in receiving a FREE 7 Day pass to my NEW Online Yoga membership, please sign up for updates below! I can’t wait for you to be a part of my lovely growing community! 

The online yoga membership will be a monthly online yoga membership giving you weekly online yoga classes and content:

  • Unlimited on-demand yoga class
  • Wednesday LIVE online yoga 7:00-8:00pm (Hatha Vinyasa Yoga) 
  • Sunday brand NEW pre-record (Hatha Yoga Class)
online yoga classes
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