Best Prenatal Yoga Classes Online

Are you interested in practice prenatal yoga at home? In this yoga blog, I am sharing the best of my prenatal yoga classes online. The prenatal yoga classes that I share in this yoga blog are perfect for complete beginners to yoga and in their second and third trimester: exception of the pregnancy yoga relaxation that is suitable for those in the first trimester.

As a mother of one, I can understand the excitement and the unknown of pregnancy and labour. Prenatal yoga was something I was so blessed to find, and I believe it supported me physically and mentally. It prepares me for labour and post labour in ways I did not even know was possible.

After the incredible journey I took with yoga during my pregnancy; I began to study yoga in great detail to have the skills and understanding to share it with others so they can benefit from its incredible gifts. I have been teaching yoga for over ten years and continue learning and sharing my teachings with you on the mat! Below are my best 5 prenatal yoga classes online so far, but first I wanted to answer a few common questions I get asked.

When should you start prenatal yoga?

It is recommended to start physical prenatal yoga after 14 weeks. In the first trimester, walking and resting is perfect, as this is the most delicate stage of the pregnancy. In the first trimester the body goes through the biggest adaption, the blood pressure drops, beasts swell and become tender. Hormones rise which can result in many other changes so taking it easy and allowing this time to breath, relax and rest is beneficial.

How many times a week should I do prenatal yoga?

This is a personal decision but to really get the benefits of the yoga weekly would be advisable if possible. If you can do a little each day: even just ten minutes of prenatal yoga this will be even more beneficial for you. Personally I did prenatal yoga every day, but it all depends on your daily life and how much you can fit in and when.

Set out a schedule for yourself: use the prenatal yoga classes online as a time to give back to yourself, connect to your baby and your changing body. The time you spend doing yoga will not only help you prepare for labour but it will also give you tools and ways to relax and stay calm during the day.


This beginners prenatal yoga is perfect for beginners. It is a short 10-minute Prenatal yoga class that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This pregnancy yoga class is perfect if you are in the second and third trimester of your pregnancy. This prenatal yoga for beginners is not suitable for those suffering from any hip pain, pelvic pain or low lying placenta: please seek medical help before taking part in this session.


This prenatal yoga class is one of my most highly watched pregnancy yoga with a birthing ball. This prenatal yoga video is perfect if you are in the second or third trimester. It is an ideal opportunity to get familiar with your birthing ball and practice pregnancy yoga ball exercises.


This is a beautiful pregnancy relaxation script exploring and visualising a positive birthing experience. This pregnancy yoga relaxation aims to allow you the chance to settle and relax, embracing the beautiful gift of your body, growing baby and how your life will be filled with even more love and abundance.


Twice a year, I teach a prenatal yoga online course. In this course, we cover so many areas of prenatal yoga. In these prenatal yoga classes online, we explore; Breathing, birthing positions, pelvic floor, connecting to baby, birthing visualisations, backache, supporting the hips and pelvis, and so much more! Click to learn more!


This online yoga prenatal class is perfect for the morning. This is an ideal prenatal yoga class for new beginners, those in the second and third trimester: it is not suitable for the first trimester or hip or pelvic problems or placenta privia. You may need a block or book for this session. We connect with our breath and gently open the body with ease.

All these sessions are perfect for beginners or experienced students wanting to do yoga throughout their pregnancy. I hope you find something you enjoy, please leave me a comment to let me know which you enjoyed best and if you would like me to share anything else to support you through your journey. Love Katya x

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