Beginners Yoga at home

Right now is a perfect time to start beginners Yoga at home. In this blog, I will share as much information as I can to help you begin your yoga journey at home. I will share beginners Yoga videos you can start with to start your yoga journey, along with a few common questions about beginners yoga at home.

beginners yoga at home
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How do I start doing Yoga at home?

One of the wonderful things about yoga is it can be done anywhere and at any time: so there is no better time to start yoga than right now! To start doing yoga at home, all you need to begin with is a space in which you can practice your yoga. This space might be your living space, kitchen space, the end of the bed or even a spare room.

So you have decided on your yoga space, now get into something comfy! Clothes that you can move in. Take your socks off if you’re comfortable with bare feet. If you do not have a yoga mat, don’t sweat. Just put a towel down so you can grip! You just need something that will help you grip and not slip all over the place.

So now you’re ready to start your yoga journey: it’s as simple as that. You can add all your equipment and other add ons as you go. So which online yoga classes should you start with? which yoga is best for beginners? Let’s explore this further below.

What type of yoga is best for beginners?

Hatha Yoga is suggested to be the best for beginners as it can be one of the easiest yoga styles for beginners. Hatha Yoga gives those practising it the chance to hold the postures statically and ensure the alignment is correct. It tends to go slow to have an opportunity to hold the pose and breath why in the physical asanas.

Every Hatha Yoga class is different and depends on the teacher and also the level of the class. Some Hatha Yoga classes are more advanced and would not be suitable, to begin with. It would be helpful to start a beginners Hatha Yoga class to ensure that the Hatha Yoga class will be slower, and alignment cues will be given as a beginner to Yoga.

When you are comfortable with the alignment of common yoga poses as a beginner, you may explore different types of Yoga. Another style may suit you much better, like Hatha Vinyasa Yoga (movement with breath). But getting familiar with yoga poses will give you a good foundation for future yoga classes you explore.

beginners yoga at home
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How to practice online Yoga at home?

There are many online yoga classes and online yoga memberships that you can choose from, giving you the comfort to practice online yoga at home. Here I will share with you my own personal best beginners yoga at home online yoga classes.

In these online yoga classes, I share my knowledge of over 16 years of studying and practising yoga. The online yoga classes I share are perfect for you as a beginner to yoga and will offer you many benefits, including flexibility, better breathing, strength, reduced stress and an opportunity to nourish yourself mentally and physically.

Beginners Yoga at home 31 Day Yoga Challenge

Beginners Yoga at home 10 minute class

30 minute Yoga at home

Online Yoga membership

For a more private experience sign up for more details about my online yoga membership where you get unlimited on demand yoga classes along with two brand new online yoga classes a week: One Pre record Hatha Yoga and one LIVE online yoga Hatha Vinyasa class included all just for £11.99 a month!

Who I am and why I am here

I thought It would be best if I share a one-off post about who I am and why I am here! I’m not particularly eager to give myself labels of any sort: and I find I want to explore many ideas, topics, and I love a sense of freedom against who I am.

So here is what I do and not who I am; I am constantly changing and evolving, so who I may feel I am today may be different to whom I think I am tomorrow. I am constantly doing my best to be the BEST version of myself to share with the world.


People call me Katya: I am passionate about love, kindness, love, nature, family, pureness, honesty and oneness!

I love to study, research, and write. My favourite topic is Yoga: it may be online yoga, Hatha Yoga, bedtime yoga, back yoga, pregnancy yoga, mediation, Anything that is close and deep to the topic of Yoga I love!

My studies of yoga span out now over 16 years! I know, sixteen years, that feels like a long time, wowsers! That’s a lot of time studying and doing Yoga!

My Yoga journey became religious when I was pregnant! I did Yoga every day of my pregnancy: sometimes twice! I even remember the video and the teacher, Shiva Rea! (thank you, Shiva!) It set me up for a journey in Yoga I would have never expected to happen!

My beautiful boy!

I trained to become a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga: continuing to train in pregnancy and meditation! BUT me being me (the Virgo seeking more profound understanding in all I do), my training still goes on now reaching 1000+ Hours! I am now embarking on more Yoga training (USA) that I will be excited to share when I finally have reached all the needed teaching hours.

Ok, I haven’t always just done YOGA; I have a deep love for the arts! Especially performance and even from my school years being a thespian is running through my veins.

Before the pandemic hit, I was all set to do a masters MFA in Acting (my degree is in English and creative writing, believe it or not, lol)! I was ready! I wanted to emerge myself deeply in the study and skills of honing my craft as a performer!

I had my accommodation booked, and I could finally fulfil a deep desire to learn the art in detail. Singing and dancing and Shakespeare was calling me, but sadly due to the pandemic, all my plans changed!

You now find me homeschooling getting my son ready for his GCSE’s, and my Yoga is once again my entire focus. How life can flip in a matter of moments is quite something. I love my Yoga, so all is not lost, and I know in the future I may go back and reapply for drama school. I still do bits of acting/modelling when the jobs present themselves: Maybe I will share bits of my acting work as and when I do it.

I have some extremely beautiful and loyal students who join me every week for my online Yoga classes through my membership that I have created! These students I have a deep love for, and I really feel so lucky to have them join me and want to do online Yoga classes with me every week! I love being their yoga instructor! Thank You!

Katya doing Yoga

So this is why I am here! Because I simply love Yoga, I love writing, and I love sharing. I want to write about Yoga: all about it, every area of it: to share with you, to support your yoga journey if you have one, to help you start one if you don’t have one! I want to collaborate with others and build and create a community of sharing and caring to make the world a better place.

I currently teach LIVE online Yoga classes:

  • Wenesday: Hatha Vinyasa – 7-8:00pm (Intermediate)
  • Sunday: Hatha Yoga – 11:00-12:00pm (Mixed)

If you are interested in joining my online yoga classes please get in touch! I hope to see you on the mat real soon.

Thank you for reading to the end! I don’t like talking about myself: I feel it’s quite boring, so I cheer you for reaching the end of my waffle!

Thank you for being here and reading! Love Katya